Sunday, May 2, 2010

DNS Issue

I recently solved a problem with my ISP's DNS lookup. Google Chrome was waiting forever on loading pages that weren't already DNS cached. I could tell this because they spent a long time on the "Resolving Host" phase, then they would report back with "Page Unavailable".

Further diagnosis included using cmd tools. I used `nslookup` in order to force responses from my local ISP's DNS. While the responses didn't usually take more than a few seconds, there was definitely a problem somewhere. I then changed my DNS in windows to use the Google Public DNS. This seems to have solved my issue.

While I'm aware that DNS lookup on the Google servers would probably take slightly longer than my ISP's, Google doesn't have the problem of timing out on ever uncached request. I've been using Google Public DNS for 4 days now, and everything is just awesome.

Google Public DNS Servers are:

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