Sunday, July 26, 2009

Using A Bit Torrent Client

Here is a fairly short video tutorial I made on using a Bit Torrent Client.

Here are the steps in the video:
  • Go to wikipedia and choose a client. (I chose Vuze)
  • Download and install the client
  • Uncheck the box to ensure the search bar is not installed!
  • Change the UI (Tools -> Interface -> Start -> UI Chooser)
  • Setup download speeds and settings
  • Check the TCP/UDP listen port (and forwarding)
  • Open a .torrent file and start downloading
  • Adjust download and upload speeds
I forgot to mention that you want a higher seed (uploaders) to leech (downloaders) ratio in a torrent. While this is not absolutely essential for the protocol to work, it does improve your download speeds. Note that your download speed may be limited by your internet service. Also, I have found that not limiting upload will grant you a higher download priority and can result in a faster download. However, this may cause other programs to run slowly. (Particularly internet based things on your entire network.)

READ THIS: One small thing I just found out. Apparently Vuze will install an toolbar without the users consent. In order to remove this toolbar, do the following:

  • Open the run prompt (Win+R)
  • type "C:\Program Files\AskBarDis\"
  • Close all browser windows. (Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc.)
  • Run the "unin00.exe" file. (It could have a different name just look for an exe that has a 'u' as part of the name. Chances are it is the uninstall file)
Sorry about the annoying search bar addon. Vuze is still great in my opinion, they are just starting to do bad things though. (They will definitely get an email about this!)

Any Questions?

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